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What is Separation Agreement?

Separation agreement is a written agreement by a couple who are married but is undecided or do not want to go through a divorce yet. This kind of agreement is done voluntarily and usually does not involve a court. Separation agreement gives the couple the opportunity to work out problems slowly and over time, without the pressure of divorce hanging over their head. This type of agreement is usually done to save time, money, and stress that may affect your family later on.

Is Separation Agreement right for you?

These are some of the signs that it’s time to separate and why it just might be for you:

  • The feeling of being uncoupled: If you and your partner have disconnected and no longer spend time together, communicate, or support each other, it may be time to call it quits. Living together but leading separate lives is not a healthy dynamic for a relationship.
  • Abuse: Any type of abuse, whether physical or emotional, is a clear indication that it’s time to leave. Psychological, financial, sexual, and social abuse are all warning signs that the relationship needs to be over.
  • Different values and visions: If you and your partner want completely different things from life and are growing as individuals in different directions, it may be difficult for the relationship to survive. Incompatible hopes, dreams, values, and aspirations may require separation.
  • Lack of respect: Respect is essential in any healthy relationship. If one partner feels constantly dismissed or condescended to, it may be time to consider leaving.
  • Unwillingness to try again: If one partner has emotionally left the relationship and is uninterested in trying again, the marriage may be over. Continuing a relationship simply for the sake of the kids is not beneficial for anyone involved, and children are better off with two happy, separated parents than in a miserable home with parents who fight or no longer love each other.
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