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A contract is a type of agreement that holds legal weight and is established between two or more individuals with a specific intention. It functions as a tool for exchanging goods and services within an economic context. An individual operating on their own accord and taking charge of their business affairs is known as an independent contractor. Courts evaluate various aspects to determine this, including the degree of authority the employer has over the contractor’s actions.

Additionally, a worker is more likely to be classified as an independent contractor if they:

  • Provide their own tools and equipment
  • Hire their own assistants
  • Take on financial risks in their work
  • Control the time, place, and manner of their work
  • Have the potential to make a profit from their services
  • Do not work exclusively for one employer
  • It should be noted that this list is not comprehensive, and other factors may also be relevant in making this determination.

Frequently Asked Questions

An independent contractor agreement in BC defines a working arrangement where individuals provide services without being employees. It differs from employment contracts in terms of control, risk, tools and equipment provision, and tax obligations.

Businesses should consider factors like the degree of control over work, ownership of tools, risk involvement, and the nature of the working relationship. Correct classification is crucial for legal and tax compliance.

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