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Seal your documents with our notarization services. Get your documents certified and notarized here at Cube Law Corporation. We offer notarizations for Letters of Invitation, Statutory Declarations, Power of Attorneys, Release Agreements, Proof of Life, and more. Book an appointment with us today!

Understanding Notarization

When a document is notarized, it is marked with a stamp or seal that confirms the signature’s authenticity and has been approved by a notary public. In addition to confirming your identity, a notary public is tasked with identifying any possible concerns, such as whether you are signing the document of your own free will or under duress, and whether you are capable of comprehending the document’s contents prior to signing it.


Getting Your Documents Notarized

In order to have a document notarized, it is necessary to sign it in front of a notary who has the legal power to notarize documents. The notary will request identification to verify your identity. It is important to bring a government-issued identification card that contains a photo, such as a passport or driver’s license. Remember to bring an unsigned document and your identification with you, and avoid signing it in advance.


We accept same day booking for notarizations. Below is a list of the documents we can notarize for you! Please make sure to bring at least 2 pieces of ID. Any ID that is accepted by the Canadian government is okay.

Here is the list of Documents we notarize:

Certified True Copies

A certified true copy is a copy of a document that bears a stamp and signature indicating it’s an accurate copy of the original, issued by a person authorized to take declarations.


An affidavit is a written statement that must be made under oath or affirmation and witnessed by someone authorized to administer an oath. To be considered valid, an affidavit must satisfy legal or statutory requirements in some cases, although there is no specific format for it. Typically, an affidavit contains a statement of commencement that identifies the person making the statement, an attestation clause at the end that certifies the statement was made under oath on a particular date (usually in the form of a jurat), and the signatures of both the affiant and the person who administered the oath.

In some cases, a preamble clause is included to confirm that the affiant personally appeared before the person authenticating the affidavit. Additionally, the affidavit may include a declaration that the information provided is subject to penalty of perjury. If an affidavit is created for use in litigation, it may also include a caption that identifies the parties and venue of the relevant legal proceedings.

Statutory declarations

A statutory declaration is a document that has legal validity and is used to assert the truth of certain facts. This document can be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as verifying personal information, financial affairs, health issues, and as evidence for sick leave. It should be kept in mind that providing false information intentionally can result in criminal charges.

Letters of Invitations

This is a description of a letter that serves as an invitation to a particular occasion. Such a letter may be written for various events such as weddings, engagements, graduations, exhibitions, or annual celebrations. It may take the form of a formal or informal letter and can be directed towards an individual or an organization. Additionally, it may be authored by an individual or a group.

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Authentication of documents

Authenticating and legalizing documents can be a complex and demanding task. At Cube Law Corporation, we understand the value of obtaining prompt and stress-free authentication from the Department of Foreign Affairs to ensure a seamless stay in your current country of residence.  We can help our clients with the procedure, help simplify the process and ensure that your documents are authenticated and legalized accurately, and returned to you in a timely manner.

Notary of Power of Attorneys

To hold legal validity, a power of attorney necessitates signing in the presence of a licensed notary public. The notary public acts on behalf of the state government and their chief responsibility involves verifying the signer’s identity, confirming their voluntary intent to sign the document, and witnessing the signing process.

How To Notarize POA outside of Canada

Your international power of attorney might also require authentication and legalization, which is also referred to as apostille. Authentication and legalization refer to the process that validates Canadian notarized documents for use outside Canada. This is similar in nature to apostille, which is not executed within Canada.

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