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What is Grant of Probate?

In order to validate a deceased person’s will and allow their executor to distribute their estate, a legal document called Grant of Probate is essential. This document holds particular importance if the deceased owned assets that must be sold, such as a home or a bank account with a significant balance. Prior to managing and distributing the deceased’s assets, obtaining a grant of probate may be necessary for the executor. Executors benefit from probate for both practical and legal purposes. It begins the statutory limitation period during which the will can be contested. Additionally, obtaining probate provides the executor with added protection, as the role comes with substantial challenges and personal liability. As such, it is recommended to consider probating a will.

How can we help you?

At Cube Law Corporation, we acknowledge the importance of a grant of probate in establishing an executor’s authority over a testator’s estate. If the deceased left a will, the designated executor must secure a grant of probate from the Court to settle any debts and distribute assets to named beneficiaries. Any challenges to the validity of the will or attempts to modify it in favor of claimants will be addressed by the Court. The time required to obtain a grant of probate varies depending on the complexity of the estate’s assets and the ease of locating beneficiaries, ranging from six weeks to several months. It is the executor’s duty to disclose all of the deceased’s assets, which may be time-consuming. Our team at Cube Law Corporation can assist you in navigating this process and ensure a smooth probate process.

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