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Before signing an agreement, it’s crucial to understand that you’re entering a legally binding contract. Seeking legal advice can help avoid surprises and ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions.

Typically, commercial leases last between three to ten years. The start date of the lease is important as it dictates the end date of the agreement.

The lease should clearly outline the consequences if the space isn’t ready by the move-in date and how the landlord will adjust the rent. Unless the space is already vacant and renovated to meet your needs, unforeseen issues could arise. It’s important to review any clauses that allow the landlord to offer an alternative space if the new location isn’t ready on time. This could result in additional moves, which can increase the cost of relocation. If you’re moving from your current location to a new space, it’s wise to allocate extra time to account for any possible delays such as construction, previous tenants, or property damage.

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