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Checklist For Executors Or Administrators - Cubelaw
What is an Executor?

An executor is an individual who is responsible for managing the administration of a deceased person’s last will and testament. Their primary obligation is to carry out the directives specified in the will and to handle the affairs and wishes of the deceased. The appointment of an executor can be made by either the testator of the will (the person who created the will) or by a court if no prior appointment was made.

What to do if you’re appointed as an executor?

It’s normal to feel uncertain about what to do when a loved one has passed away and named you as the executor of their will, especially when you’re still grieving. As the executor, you hold the responsibility of taking care of the estate’s beneficiaries, and any conflicts that may arise could have legal implications. Seeking guidance from professionals is therefore essential to guarantee that you meet your obligations appropriately.

How we can help you

Cube Law Corporation recognizes the challenges associated with assuming the role of an executor for a loved one’s will. Dealing with grief while also navigating the complex executor duties can be an overwhelming task. As the executor, it is your duty to act in the best interests of the estate’s beneficiaries, and any legal disputes can result in serious ramifications. Hence, we strongly advise seeking the guidance of professional advisors to ensure that you discharge your responsibilities appropriately.

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