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If you are unable to make personal or health care decisions for yourself, Cube Law Corporation offers services to help you create a representation agreement. This legal document authorizes a representative to make these decisions on your behalf. It’s essential to keep in mind that medical assistance in dying is not included in the representation agreement. Our lawyer can provide you with guidance throughout the process and ensure that your representation agreement reflects your unique requirements and preferences.


Benefits of Representation Agreements

If you’re still unsure if you would like create a representation agreement, Cube Law Corporation can help you have a further understanding on what are the benefits of having one. Most people who agree to a representation agreement, agree to do so because of the benefits that they will have in the long run. This includes having control of any personal decisions that you wished to make in case of a medical emergency or becoming incapable. This also ensures that any of your critical requests and decisions are considered and followed. A Representation agreement can also give your representative the legal authority to make personal care decisions for you at a time when you may be vulnerable to being taken advantage of. If you don’t have a Representation Agreement, a family member or friend will have to make an expensive court application to be appointed to a committee to look after your affairs if you become incapacitated.


  1. AN AGREEMENT WITH ONLY “LIMITED POWERS” Sometimes called a Section 7 Representation Agreement (RA7)

An Agreement with only “Limited Powers” or sometimes referred to as “Section 7” Representation Agreement (RA7) is the act that allows you to make a basic representation agreement that covers daily routine living requirements. These routines can include but is not limited to your personal care (e.g., basic hygiene requirements), managing your financial affairs (e.g., payment of your bills, etc.), minor and major healthcare routines and obtaining legal services for you such as instructing lawyers, with respect to legal proceedings.

  2. Sometimes called a Section 9 Representation Agreement (RA9) – no plagiarism found (from Grammarly)
  3. An Agreement that includes “General Powers” or is sometimes referred to as “Section 9” Representation Agreement (RA9) is the act that gives your representative the authority to make any significant medical decisions for you. This can include the decision to refuse life-supporting treatment. Some of the things that can be authorized to your representative to do on your behalf include but are not limited to: physically restrain or removingyou, when necessary, give consent to specific kinds of health care, refuse to give consent to life-supporting care or treatment, admit you to a care facility, make arrangements for temporary care, education and financial support of any other people who are cared for or supported by you including minor children, interfering with religious affairs, deciding if you are able to work or retire, and daily decisions on what you should eat or wear – just to name a few.
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