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Resealing Of A Foreign Grant

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Resealing Of A Foreign Grant - Cubelaw

The term “resealing” in British Columbia estate law refers to the process of probating a will that has already been proven in another jurisdiction, but requires additional probate in British Columbia because there are assets located in the province that need to be dealt with after the person’s death.

To reseal a foreign grant, the executor or administrator listed on the application from the original jurisdiction must remain the same and the terms of the grant cannot be changed. However, the process for resealing a foreign grant is similar to that of applying for a grant of probate, with the exception that the schedule of assets or inventory only includes those located in British Columbia.

It is important to note that even if a deceased person’s will does not require probate in their original jurisdiction, a grant of probate or administration may still be necessary in British Columbia if certain assets are held in the province and local institutions require a grant to release them.

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